Therapy Clinic

Reflexive and Osteopathic Manual Therapy Treatment

Tensegrity Rehabilitation is a one on one physical therapy practice in Buckhead near Brookhaven and Sandy Springs.  Standard orthopedic sports and overuse injuries are treated along with complex unresolved pain cases.  These include but are not limited to: head aches, spine, Sacroiliac/Pelvis, TMJ and abdominal and pelvic floor pain cases.  What those cases have in common is generally an adaptation of the nervous system that perpetuates pain. All successful treatments, whether they focus on joints, soft tissue, reflexes, etc, address the nervous system to move it away from its protective responses.  When the nervous system is taught that it no longer needs to protect the body from a perceived injury, it stops wasting energy and returns to normal function.

How is that done? The primary treatment modalities are osteopathic manual therapy(OMT) and reflex release techniques but may also include fascial treatment, visceral mobilization and trigger point therapy(manual or dry needling).  These approaches and some complexities associated with treating pain and somatic dysfunction are included on this website.



2 thoughts on “Therapy Clinic”

  1. Jerry Barclay said:

    Sawadi Krup

    I just did my first Stiles course. What an honor to meet and learn from a wise , kind, enthusiastic teacher. I was also totally overwhelmed. We did muscle energy of the lower body with quick intro to AGR scan.

    I have just been transferred to Maui as PT for Kaiser Permanents.Please keep in touch. I desperately need mentoring and instruction in OMT. I am convinced the Maitland / McKenzie approach I have been doing for 25 years is missing the mark with many complex patients ,yet I am frustrated with how difficult it seems to feel and see the subtleness of OMT diagnosis.

    Love to host you in Maui or see you in Thailand.

    Jerry Barclay

    Former seminar at wat Sai Gnam

    • Hi Jerry, Ed is a real gem. I assume you took the class in OKC with Micha and Steve. Great folks. M/M has it’s place but OMT is far more comprehensive and effective. That AGR screen will become your Sherlock Holmes. You will be amazed by how many lumbar patients are really thoracic,rib issues. It will come in time. It’s great to hear you have really started your journey.Feel free to email me.

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